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The U.S. health system has many strengths—especially when it comes to medical breakthroughs. Yet, too
many barriers stand between patients and affordable access to advances.

At Janssen, we are committed to advancing solutions that strengthen the U.S. healthcare system and enable the development and rapid approval of new medicines.

When we offer policy solutions and/or assess policy proposals, the following principles guide
our thinking:

Patients should have affordable access to appropriate treatment options and sites of care
Treatment decisions belong in the hands of patients and their healthcare providers
Clinically stable patients should not be switched to other therapies for non medical reasons
Appropriate clinical rigor and manufacturing quality and standards should be applied in all instances
We believe the healthcare system should support these principles by:
Maintaining a fair and competitive marketplace
Fostering an environment than supports future investment in innovation
Ensuring responsible pricing and appropriate transparency system wide
Determining value based on evidence that incorporates the benefits and risks for patients, the healthcare system and society

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